The Kanjivaram reigns supreme as one of the most magnificent and rich sarees. Traditionally made by weavers from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India, the gold is incorporated in the motifs by dipping the silk thread in liquid gold and silver. The legend says that the weavers of Kanchipuram are the descendants of the sage Markanda, the Master Weaver of Gods.

Black Kanjivaram saree

$ 320.00 USD

Black Kanjivaram saree with butta.

Blue Kanjivaram saree

$ 320.00 USD

Blue silk Kanjivaram saree with butts n zari border.

Golden Kanchipuram saree

$ 745.00 USD $ 555.00 USD

Wonders of Kanchipuram, gold silk saree with big border.  

Green Kanjivaram

$ 545.00 USD

Green handloom pure silk Kanjivaram saree with big border.

Magenta Kanjivaram saree

$ 700.00 USD $ 535.00 USD

Beautiful Kanjivaram saree with zari.

Red Kanchipuram saree

$ 725.00 USD $ 545.00 USD

Beatiful red silk saree with big border jari.

White Kanjivaram saree

$ 320.00 USD

White Kanjivaram saree with leaf butta.

Yellow zari work Kanjivaram saree

$ 680.00 USD $ 510.00 USD

Beautiful lotus motif silk saree with purple contrast border.